Underground Storage Tank California Cleanup Fund
Cleanup Your Property and Receive Financial Compensation from the State

For properties contaminated by the present use or former use of underground
gasoline storage tanks and dispensing equipment that has adversely affected
the soil and/or groundwater beneath the station property, this site is most likely
eligible for the State UST Cleanup Fund up to $1,500,000
  1. The Fund is administered and regulated by the State of California and ENCON can provide the assistance to apply to the Fund, obtain a "letter of commitment", and submit reimbursement requests to the State.

  2. To be eligible for the Fund, however, the property has to be in environmental compliance with State UST regulations and under the direction of the State lead regulatory agency. ENCON can provide the services to achieve compliance and work with the lead agency

  3. Upon receipt "letter of commitment", the property owner can start the remedial cleanup activities using ENCON, a State certified environmental contractor, and submit reimbursement requests for consulting, cleanup equipment, testing, and reporting services up to $1,500,000 on a progressive basis.